Friday, March 25, 2011

New Lolita Dress

So my petticoat came in for my lolita dress and I finally took pictures of it, and I feel like such a pretty princess right now.  Seriously, I feel all super pretty and I love this dress so much, so amazing.  I don't ever wanna take this dress off.

So YAY...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just Bloggin

Just kinda blogging and writing some stuff down because I can, and because I am bored out of my mind.

Warhammer army is coming along wonderfully, I love how it is turning out, and getting a lot of praise from my 40k mentors Cami and Jenn.  Both of your encouragement is really helping a lot and I love how everything is turning out.  Right now I need to paint the scything talons to look like they are crystals, and once that is done all I have left is carapace touch-up and that brood will be finished.  I will link below this paragraph the link to my album of pictures of the work in progress of all this.  So take a look and tell me what you think.

As for other things, mostly I am just getting ready for my move to Washington, which is coming closer and closer, for which I am super excited.  I'll get to be with my partners, which will be just absolutely wonderful, and tons of gaming, coastal state so I can visit beaches in summer.  There will be skiing in winter and in general it will be a whole lot of fun.  I am going to miss being around all my friends here in Iowa, but this will be a good move for my life and I am looking forward to it.  Thankfully all my close friends are all internet dorks like me and I can still keep in touch like I have with all my High School friends and the like.  So I am not really leaving them behind, merely relocating, but my feelings for my friends and the caring I have for them will not change.

-hugs for all her friends-

So hopefully my GM works tomorrow and I will give him the phone number and address of the Olive Garden I will be transferring to, so he can get in touch.  Hopefully I will have everything setup by the time move day comes, and I hope everything on my parent's end works out too so they can get the hell out of Tennessee.  I will set my last day at this Olive Garden for the second Sunday in April, which will allow me to focus on my music, and my school, so that I can end this semester on a high note, and fix all the damage I did to my GPA last semester.

Also I will be selling a lot of my furnature, my desks specifically will be the ones sold so that I take up as little room in the moving truck as humanly possible.  I might media mail my books and the like over to my partners so those will be a few less boxes to take along with me in the moving truck.  We'll see how that goes, but looking on the USPS main website it seems that they are pretty cheap, with a maximum price of $30 for a 70 pound max package.  I can afford to send my books like that, so I think I will just for the sake of saving a few hundred on a smaller truck.  I will probably try to take some boxes home from work for carrying of books tomorrow, just so that I have stuff to put all my books in, and then I will just tear up my falling apart book cases.  I will keep the Pathfinder books unpacked until move day because Steven, James, and I are using them to play lately, so no use packing them.  It's only four books, and I can afford to pack those late and just take them with me, I mean its just four books.

So life is overall good, just a lot to do in the up and coming months.  Wish me luck oh few readers of mine, love you all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weddings and Shoulders

So tomorrow I go to Kota and dev's wedding, and I just cannot wait to see this, because its been a long time coming. I am really happy for them, they should have been married years ago, and I am happy they are finally in a place where they can. It may be a small ceremony, but thats pretty meaningful to me, going to be tons of friends around, people we all care about. They deserve this, so I am pretty fraking excited.

On the other hand had to miss work today because I did something to my shoulder and I have no idea what. All I know is I was fine before work yesterday, but during the shift something happened, I have no idea what, and now my shoulder is killing me. Went to take off my undershirt at the end of the night, and when I did my shoulder just exploded in pain, ugh. It only got worse by the next day, ie today, and I had to call in or it would have been bad. I mean I was woken up two hours early to my shoulder exploding again, I cannot lift anything. So whats on the agenda for today, watching stuff, relaxing, and giving my shoulder a break to heal so it doesn't get worse.

I have been missing a ton of work days this year, and I am not happy about it. I mean I don't like my job, but when I miss a shift it really irks me. I have always prided myself on being to work no matter what, only calling out when I absolutely have to. Sadly this year that has been the case, first it was sickness, then the car, now my shoulder. This is not a good year for my body, it does not like me, lol.