Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on Full Time

Well its been a full four days living as a woman, and I would have to say its going pretty well. It really feels great to hear my name as Rachel over and over again, it feels right. I get to feel comfortable in what I wear and who I am, hearing the name that is mine instead of what I was born with. It is even going well at work, I hear my proper name, and other than one bitch that seemed to REALLY want to call me "sir". But fuck her, the rest is going awesomely, so I would have to say I am pretty happy with how things are going.

Also went into a women's restroom for the first time the other day, grant you the place was empty and at work, but yeah. When a girl's gotta go a girl's gotta go, and its a lot cleaner in there which is nice to say the least. One of my coworkers was curious which one I had used when I asked her not to seat me while I went to the bathroom, but wasn't bothered by the answer which was a good sign.

So overall I would say that things are going fairly well...

Blessed Be

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shopping Rocked

Ok, so yesterday and the day before I went shopping for clothes with my friends, and it just farking rocked. I cant believe i spent 1400 dollars on clothing, I bought so much, but OMG most of it was sooooooo cute. I was exhausted by the time we were done each day because it took a while, but still it was just so awesome -dance-.

I think I have a good start to my wardrobe.

Blessed Be

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out at Work.....Kinda

So the grapevine effect has begun, meaning that I have let it get out at work that I am trans. What this means is that the few people I was able to tell today are pretty much going to let everyone else know via the grapevine effect, ifn ya know what I mean. This is good and bad, for the grapevine effect can often mess with the truth of a matter, but I need it to get out that I'm trans. If all that is understood is that I am getting a sex change than what I needed said is said.

I will be letting it out more and more over the next 2 weeks before I go full time, so we shall see how it goes. So far I have been met only with curiosity, which is a good sign, so I am happy about that.

So far so good.

Work Time Post Meeting

Well tomorrow I have work, and it'll be the first day since I had my meeting with my manager, so I'm going to have to let my Trans out at work. Looks like I'm coming out at work for real now, having to let all my coworkers know. It will be interesting to say the least, but I will likely get a lot of questions tossed my way, which should be a blast "UGH".

It has to happen though, its necessary, better to get it done now than when I'm full time and a mess happens. So here we go.

On another note I have a new ID which is nice, but they do it oddly here. They give you a temporary ID that you use until they mail you the new one. I guess they did this so that there is less ID fraud, and now they don't have the licence making machines inside the DMV. That went rather well though now that I have that done.

Blessed Be

Monday, August 9, 2010

New ID

Well tomorrow I go to the dmv to get my new licence, just another step forward in my life, forward in my transition. Soon the last legal vestiges of my old name will be gone, and I can live my life as myself full time. Full time comes in just a few weeks, the 23rd, and it could not come soon enough. Sure things will be a little tough at first, but thats ok, soon everyone at work will know and not long after that I will get to be myself.

I cant wait

Blessed Be

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Manager Meeting Results

Well I had my meeting with my manager after my shift today, and I would have to say it went pretty farking well. The basics of it boiled down to that he would not put up with discrimination against me from anyone, much less a customer. He made it clear that when dealing with discrimination, the management, specifically him at the very least, will be behind me. He won't allow a customer to have a new server if they don't like "having a tranny as a server", if they have a problem he will ask them to leave.

I mean I expected him to be able to deal with this, but the fact that he is this accepting and supportive is nothing short of amazing. I know that my job is safe, at least in the realm of my transition, so I am pretty happy about it.

Blessed Be

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meeting the Boss

I am meeting tomorrow with my general manager about my going full time at the end of the month, him and I will be discussing it. So far he seems to be pretty accepting, but then again that is just how he is, as long as his restaurant runs he is happy. He will be asking me questions and getting to understand just how my going full time will effect the restaurant. I have a feeling the meeting will go fairly well to be honest, but you never know. Once we have had this meeting the info about my going full time will trickle down the grapevine.

This is the part I'm not looking forward to, though its necessary. I will get a lot of weird and gross looks from coworkers, and I am not sure how my more religious (and I'm talking the type to take into creationist propaganda kind of religious) manager will deal with this. Thankfully I have the protection of the law, but I will be keeping all documents of proof of write ups and anything that affects me in my job.

Wish me luck everyone...

Blessed Be