Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been a While

I noticed today that it has been a while since I have posted here in my blog, so might as well update.

Lots have been going on lately, especially since my last post. Sadly there is good news and bad news.

Here is the good news:

For one I made the discovery that instead of being a Lesbian like I thought I was, I am bisexual, guess it was kind of a come to terms moment for me. I just realized that gender didn't matter to me, it was who is inside that matters to me. Its something that I have noticed has been a part of me, I just never acknowledged it, but hey that is life.

On the same note I also have a boyfriend, he is a big sweetheart and I'm glad to have him, its just really nice to have someone care for you on that level. He is wonderful, sweet, caring, thoughtful, and pays attention to the little details. He visited a few weeks ago, and the week long he was here was just wonderful. I had him there to cuddle me, and in general make me feel like the woman that I am, it was bliss. Hopefully in June he'll move here so I get to see him all the time instead of just the one visit. He'll probably be bringing his roomies, which will be cool, I'll have people around me again which will be great.

Here is the bad news:

My friend Vinny passed away Jan 24 2010, at the age of 32, of a heart attack. The first weeks after were pretty rough, because he is not my first friend to pass too early, leaving me behind to grieve. I will miss him greatly, but I have to be here for his wife and kids who he left behind. They are like my nephews, and I want to do everything I can for them, because Vinny's memory deserves at least that much.

We kind of always knew he would have another heart attack, but when it actually happens it sucks beyond really explaining. He was like a brother to me, and it will probably take some time before I am completely over it. But I have his boys to think about, they need people more than ever now, because they can't have him anymore.

I miss you Vinny, and no one can ever really replace you in this world. I love you like a brother, and rest in peace knowing I'm here for your wife and your sons. They miss you too, and they will always love you, and I'll make sure the boys grow up knowing about you too, I know your wife will.

I gotta stop outliving my friends though, this is really beginning to suck, first Austin, now Vinny, who else is going to pass on me too early, before they could live their life. I guess all you can do is move on, and hope you have more good times with those you still have. -sigh-

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