Friday, April 23, 2010

Teachers Can be Cruel

Yeah, so the other day I had a test....I did not do so well but yeah, thats not quite the point. The main point is how the professor referred to me, as having done very poorly. The disdain was quite evident, and I have decided that this particular professor is quite cruel. I mean she is a wonderful accompanist and a great pianist, but she really has little to no respect for her students. She has a tendency to single those out that she does not feel are doing well and basically attack them until they get better. One of the students in my class dropped it because of the way this professor was treating her.

It really leads me to wonder how she still teaches, because this is not conducive to a good learning atmosphere. She is pushing students away that want to learn, you are supposed to encourage and support your students, not demean them. Its like the second you don't keep up with her standards she takes it like you are insulting her, and she treats you like crap for it.

Well I am going to show this bitch, and I am going to prove her wrong, it will take some work, but seriously, she needs to show her students some respect. Sure I could have practiced more, but I also have other things in my life, my violin practice, homework for all my other classes, there is a lot in my life I am doing. I mean piano competency is just one small part of a music degree and she is treating it like its some factory designed to put quality pianists out. Not everyone can keep up to your standards, and if they aren't, your supposed to support them not treat them like scum under your feet. You are not better than us, you are just more skilled, so stop acting so damned superior.

Fucking Bitch....

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  1. I'm of two minds about those types of teachers...they are on the opposite side of the compassionate teachers, but they still have the same goal in mind. To make you be the best you can be.

    In the army they pretty much break you down and build you back up. Its how they are. You either want to prove that you can beat them or you wash out. I've had teachers like this. Don't let her get to you and just do the best you can.