Monday, January 31, 2011

So I wanna try new clothing.

So yeah, someone on the Susan's Place staff got me hooked on a style of clothing that I really wanna try out and see if I like it. The style is referred to as Goth Lolita, and while its a bit fancy and extravagant, I so want to do it. I will have some examples posted here whilst I'm talking about it.

But yeah, it would really really pretty, and I would love to look that feminine all of the time. Just in general I love the look, it is just so pretty. So when my tax return comes in I am thinking of getting one of pretty dresses on that site, and trying it out. If I like it enough I wanna adopt it as my style and wear those all the time, and things similar.

I would stand out so much, but not because I am trans, but because I am wearing something so "unusual" and I would love every moment of it.

What do you all think?

Here is the first one I wanna get:

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  1. I love it. Always been a fan of the Goth and/or lolita styles! Go for it honey!