Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warhammer Modelling Tools

Well I got my full set of tools and paints and I am ready to go with making my Tyranid army, I also picked up a brood of warriors to go with it today. So yeah, I have a decent start to my Tyranid Army, some good tools to work with, I'll just get a tacklebox to keep all the stuff in nice and safe for when I am not using it. Hopefully I'll find one that fits the bamboo thingie that holds my paint brushes, I should be able to find one pretty easy that fits my needs.


So I should get started with my army soon, this is what I have so far:

1 Carnifex (this will become a Tervigon)
1 Box Hormagaunts
1 Box Termagaunts
3 Tyranid Warriors

I think I have a decent start, and they will be stone carapaced (with crystals growing out of them), and magma skinned tyranid. I am really looking forward to the finished product and I think it will look amazing.

Tell me what you all think

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  1. Really eager to see your crystal idea. :) It sounds like it will be quite awesome!