Thursday, February 10, 2011


Gotta love when someone you thought loved you completely betrays you and won't even give you the common decency to tell you why. So a friend of mine, I have found out, has been ignoring my texts, because the last two times we talked I was on one of my superhorny moments and it made her uncomfortable. I understand that, I can get pretty bad some days, and I feel bad about that, but at least fucking tell me. I mean when this is someone that you have tried to show love and affection for for years, and then just because of a few times ignores you. This is like the biggest form of betrayal for me, I mean if she had told me it was making her uncomfortable, and I ignored that then I totally get that. But no, she doesn't even bother to tell me this, and just leaves me wondering if she even gives a shit about me anymore.

Things like this really hurt, because I try my best to dedicate myself to my friends, show them affection, love, and understanding. Sure I fuck up now and again, and I try to make up for it, I mean we aren't fucking perfect, but I expect those close to me to show me at least some general respect enough to tell me when I've done something wrong. I mean this really hurt, because this basically told me "I don't respect you enough, nor do I care enough about you to tell you you did something that bothered me, so I'm going to ignore you because of something you didn't know you did.". It is total fucking bullshit.

I mean you don't do that to someone you love, you don't treat them like that. I mean when I found out about this all I could do was cry, it felt like my heart had been ripped out and stomped on like a useless piece of shit. Most of the times I have texted her I am just reaching out and trying not to feel so alone, but apparently my feelings don't mean anything to her, she is just content to ignore me and make me wonder what the fuck I did wrong. At least now I know what kind of person she is, and why she has not been talking to me.

Fucking Bitch...

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