Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wishing it were May

Yknow, they say time flies when your having fun, and while I am having fun I wish it would fly faster, because I want it to be may. May is when I am moving to Washington, and I am really looking forward to it to be honest, I really want it to happen. In general its going to be a good move for my life, and I am always one to embrace change for the better.

Idk, Iowa is just so boring, and while I have friends here, and I love them all, I need to do this for me. I hate to leave them all behind, I have met some great people, and made some great progress in my life. The problem is I'm getting bored out of my mind and Video Gaming isn't interesting me as much anymore. My focus seems to be on tabletop gaming for the most part, I really wanna play more DND, Magic, and Warhammer, and I just cannot do those here on a regular basis.

So I am looking forward to being with my two friends I am moving in with out there, it will be nice to have the company and a DND group in house that can play more often than just once in a while. In general it will be nice to have them around, because while I have "roommates" here, the odd setup does some weird things for my emotional state. I am a complex girl, what can I say.

So for the next month, I will be working on getting my application into the new college, and find out what I am going to need to do to get that all situated. I will have to send them a whole new transcript from this college, and work on the transfer credits. Thankfully this semester I will be done with all of my Liberal Arts Core of my degree, and that pretty much transfers universally. It should not be too hard, but it is still something on my list of crap to do. Also eventually I need to contact the Olive Garden in Spokane, and setup my transfer as soon as I possibly can. That will take a load off my shoulders when I do that, because once the school and work stuff are set, its just a matter of moving. Hopefully I will get it all done soon so that when may does come, I will be ready and rearing to go, just load up the truck and go.

Wish me luck everyone.

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