Sunday, April 24, 2011

Projects, Painting and Patience

Yeah, I know, horrible alliteration, but hey I'm bored and thought it would be fun to have a little alliteration for my post.  But, now on to the fun.

Mostly just finishing school stuff up, not having to work is crazy and nice at the same time.  Mostly just finishing up a few projects, some extra credit, and a few assignments, and they are all coming along nicely.  In fact after Wednesday I will only have two finals and one project to do and I am done for the semester.  The final project is more of an experiment and it is coming along well enough.  I'll be done taking data down for that on wednesday, then its do research, use the data, and write the paper to accompany it.

So that covers the Projects.

Painting is coming along slow for my tyranid army, just been having trouble motivating myself with it, painting alone can get a little boring.  When I have people to talk to and listen to though, it goes along well and I enjoy doing it.  As it is two of my warriors have their skin painted and are ready for drybrushing of the various skin colours that I know I have mentioned before.  Just need to paint the skin up on the one, and then do the skin sections of the weapon arms, after that time for drybrushing.

So that covers the Painting.

Ah the hardest one, patience, and of course im referring to my wait on my move, which i wish would just come faster.  Bleh, its just kinda stressful, being here wishing I was there with them, worrying about them as they have their own issues to deal with.  Bleh, this move just needs to come already, would make things a whole lot easier.

Those are my thoughts, thought I would unload them.

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