Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Feel Cute Today

So last night I went over to my friend Bekky's dorm for some general hang out time and some overall girlishness, it was fun. Essentially we are in the same ball park of size, other than the fact of her large breasts, and I was trying on some of her clothes. It was over all a fun time, and I got to feel really girlie and cute for a while, and got to go home with some of them hehe.

She gave me a Red T-shirt, a pair of Grey Corduroy Pants, a pair of Plaid Shorts, and a cute Sun-dress. So I feel super cute, I am wearing the pants and the t-shirt, and it is a good feeling I have to say. Soonish I will be getting more clothing from good-will, when I get more money, but this is a wonderful start and I like feeling cute.

So here is just another step closer to living my life, As a Musician, As a Pagan, As a Woman...

Blessed Be

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