Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family, the Ones That Know You

Well, an odd happenstance, two of my greatest friends, people I like to call brother and sister, are going to be moving here with Chris and I soon. Come mid August is when it is going to happen, and I am very happy for it, because this is something I've wanted for a while. They have had tough lives, unaccepting parents, hard financial crisises, and to top it all off the house they had been living in that at the time was a godsend turned out to only drive them nuts. They miss their home of Portland, but after some discussion and checking average temperatures here, they decided to come here for now instead.

Its a lot cheaper to get here for them, they will have the support of friends here who love them and want to see them have a good life, they will have running water, a comfortable apartment, and a place to get their lives going again. I'm happy I will be able to do this for them, because those two have done so much for me in the past, emotionally and otherwise, that I feel this is the absolute least I could do. I care about them both because they are like family to me, and this family knows me for who I am and accepts me, and that right there is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

I hated to see them in the situation they were in, it hurt my heart every day I heard one more horrible thing. I thought "They don't deserve this crap, they are wonderful, loving, caring people and they just don't deserve this." So thus, given the opportunity, I want to make a difference in that, give them a safe and secure home here with me, show them some of the kindness they have given me.

So the fact that they are going to be here where I know my situation is fairly good, where I know they can have the support and presence of people they care about, this makes me very happy. To be able to give such good friends a safe and comfortable home will make me a lot more comfortable with their situation. If they eventually make it back home to Portland I am fine with that, I would rather be a safe stepping stone where they can at least get a good start going home, rather than them going straight there where they will have little support and will only barely make it there. I want them to make it home, if they do go back to Portland eventually, with jobs already, a safe home to live in, and with enough money for the trip.

I don't want to see them tossed into a worse situation than they had already been in, I am not going to allow it, not them. They deserve to be comfortable, happy, healthy, and safe, not in a home that doesn't even have the basic amenities.

Blessed Be

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