Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thoughts, and Wishes to Sleep

Well here I am trying to get tired for bed, thinking like I always do of transition, and my body hatred. Everyone tells me I'm beautiful....well those who understand at least....and I can never see it, all I see is the thing hanging between my legs, and the facial hair on my face. Its going away slowly, and one day I will have surgery to fix the down below, but still I depress over it, because here I am stuck.

So here I am on my computer when I should be in bed, not tired in the least mainly because I slept too much. What can you do I guess, I mean I know it is no one's fault that I was born this way, but it sucks major ass. I want to be whole, complete, feel like my body isn't just some disgusting thing I am forced to live in. My brain is like a high class woman forced to live in a low class slum and she isn't liking it one iota, in fact she is doing everything she can to get into the penthouses she wants so bad, but nothing seems to work.


Blessed Be

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