Monday, July 26, 2010

Past the Event Horizon

Well tonight, as my shift was ending, I left a letter to my General Manager explaining my transition, the date my Full Time begins, and what it entails for the restaurant. He does not work until Wednesday, but still the note is there in an envelope addressed to him. I hope he deals with it well, though I suspect he will for he is a reasonable professional human being. You never know what marine training can do to a person though, so I am prepared for the worst, mentally at least.

So now for the wait, I am past the point of no return on my full time, the Event Horizon if you will. I'm glad I did it too, and glad I did not chicken out, for this was a necessary step. If I had not done this now I would have not gotten around to it for weeks and that would have only complicated matters. I hope it is received well, but I will prepare myself for job searching if it does not, and possibly even court and the like. I do hope it does not come to that, for I prefer to have some faith in humanity, and our society has made great bounds over the last twenty-four years I have been alive.

Wish me the best.

Blessed Be

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