Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July and Thoughts

Well here we are in another fourth of July, another Independence day in the USA, and a lot is going through my mind.

On Independence day, well I know I have said many things about the government before, and I hate the war, but this country, despite its flaws, is truly great. It is a place that allows me the freedom to transition, move my life forward on a course that I enjoy. The beautiful part is that this country will continue to live on and allow the little people to live their lives well. We have the freedom to think what we wish, and say what we wish without fear of retribution, and that is something not all countries give their citizens.

So happy birthday America, and thank you for letting this sometimes thankless woman have her freedom.

On to other things though, thoughts that have seem to go through my head all day, specifically about my father. With full time getting closer and closer, I know I am going to have to talk to my parents about it soon. Of course I worry, but I know it won't stop me from going full time, its just I do care about my father and I do want to have my family in my life after I become myself. It will be a difficult time in my life, I know, but at least I have all my wonderful friends and significant other who will be able to help me through it, regardless of the results.

But there is a little peak into my mind, hope it didn't break yours.

Blessed Be

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