Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yeah, I Know, I've Been Quiet

I'm a bad girl and you can spank me later for it, actually I might like that -giggle-.

Life has settled into normality for me with the whole full time thing, which is essentially the goal I was going after. I still haven't told my dad, though I really need to and I can't think of a way to talk about it with him. I might try and come up with something this weekend, idk, its really hard to deal with in my head.

But yeah, its nice to be called Rachel all the time, it feels good, though I do still get "sir'ed" at work all the time. Most of those seem to be deliberate and I mostly just ignore them, but I mean seriously, come on. I am dressed in womens clothing, I have jewelry on all of a feminine nature, a feminine haircut, I have makeup on, AND I HAVE BREASTS. People are stupid, they really are.

But yeah, I have really settled in well, work is going fine, no discrimination from my coworkers that I have noticed. I mostly get curiosity from my coworkers and similar responses, all in a positive way. Thankfully they are all starting to settle into it as well, to the point that I am starting to be who I am to them, its becoming normal slowly for my coworkers too. I would have to say that Full time has started with flying colors, which I am very happy about. Mostly I am just settling in, enjoying it, still need to make my voice sound better but its not high on my list of cares. I know who I am, those I care about know who I am, and my work is accepting. The only really awkward thing is Sight Singing for my theory class, which can be a little tough because singing outside your range is not only difficult but difficult to do in tune without sounding bad. idk, I'll work out the voice thing in time I guess.

So yeah, Full Time is going gloriously, life is wonderful, and I am happy.

Just need to tell my father.

Blessed Be

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