Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on Full Time

Well its been a full four days living as a woman, and I would have to say its going pretty well. It really feels great to hear my name as Rachel over and over again, it feels right. I get to feel comfortable in what I wear and who I am, hearing the name that is mine instead of what I was born with. It is even going well at work, I hear my proper name, and other than one bitch that seemed to REALLY want to call me "sir". But fuck her, the rest is going awesomely, so I would have to say I am pretty happy with how things are going.

Also went into a women's restroom for the first time the other day, grant you the place was empty and at work, but yeah. When a girl's gotta go a girl's gotta go, and its a lot cleaner in there which is nice to say the least. One of my coworkers was curious which one I had used when I asked her not to seat me while I went to the bathroom, but wasn't bothered by the answer which was a good sign.

So overall I would say that things are going fairly well...

Blessed Be

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