Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book of Shadows

So today I started putting some entries in my book of shadows, just information and the like on the Sabbats and various other things, organizing it and the like. I haven't added spells of yet, but hey, all in good time, I still have much to learn as a Pagan. My journey is a journey of self and I will learn as much and include as much as I can of myself into the trip on the way. I am down the road to contentment, happiness in my true self as I am. It is a nice feeling to go on this journey, and discover your sense of self, find who you really are, and come to terms with and come to actually love your true self. It is actually a really liberating experience, and has been increasing my self confidence quite a lot I may add, it is quite the wonderful feeling. Now if I can just get my dad to understand this....

As for my violin lessons, seems I'm going to have to wait just one more week due to scheduling conflicts. My teacher and I just cannot sync up this week, so in all likelihood my first lesson with her will be next week. That is fine with me, either way I am learning to be better with my violin, and am becoming more satisfied with my ability as I go along. It is a long road to be a musician and a teacher, but I believe it will be a fulfilling one, as opposed to my old major of computer science which just sucked. I am happy in my life though, it is really moving forward, if slowly, but it is still moving unlike when I lived in Tennessee.

I am slowly removing the mask and becoming myself, on the Journey to discover myself, as a Musician, as a Pagan, as a Woman.

Blessed Be

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