Friday, September 11, 2009

Dreams, and why I wish they wouldn't happen sometimes.

I am one of those people who seldomly remembers her dreams, if ever, when I have them every night when I go to bed. I mean we all have dreams, its just a matter of remembering them sometimes, which almost never happens to me. I mention this because within the last couple of days I had a dream that I remembered, and it was one of those that while wonderful, I wish I did not remember it.

Essentially the dream was that I was post op, ie I had my surgery that would finally make me a full woman in body as well as mind. This dream was not long after surgery would have happened, within a year, and I was exploring my new parts down there in my dream. To put it in blunt and to the point terms, I was masturbating as a woman for the first time, yeah, I know, crude but that gets the point across.

What got me about this dream was how vivid it was, I could feel each and every thing that was going on in the dream. Now grant you I have had a penis since I was born, so there is no way I could know what these feelings are truly like, but somehow it worked in the dream. It felt nothing like what it feels like in real life, and nothing has ever felt so right in my life. I felt like a true woman, the levels of pleasure going on in the dream were simply unimaginable, I don't think words would do it justice. It felt so wonderful, it felt so right, as if everything in the world was as it was supposed to be.

The only bad part was waking up, I almost cried when I did, when it hit me that it was just a dream and not wonderful reality. It put my own life into stark contrast, and made me feel even more wrong in my body.......-sigh-

Blessed Be

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