Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Learning Process Begins Anew

Well, finally, well I guess its yesterday now because it is 4AMish when I am posting this, but on Tuesday September 15th, 2009 I have begun my violin lessons again. It was a short one where she got to the major issues I was having, and I think they will help me out a lot. For example she suggested, confirming another professor's suggestion, to get a new chin rest for my violin. The way the old one was designed, if I were holding the violin with my chin properly, it dug in and hurt like hell. She suggested one that sits over the tailpiece, where as a normal one is to the left of it.

So I stopped by the House of Violins in my area, and he get it first shot, found a chin rest that was super comfortable. The nice part was it was also in a similar style, as in was still made of rosewood, so feasibly the sound of my violin will change little and it will be more comfortable. I am happy with this because I love the sound of my violin, and so anything that would change it could be bad. In this case it shouldn't change much, if at all, noticeably.

It will be odd getting used to seeing it, I'm so used to the "normal" style of violin chin rest, and so it will be a bit weird getting used to it. Hey, I am an oddball though, and it seems that this will translate to my music. Its odd, how both of the people I spoke with were shorter necked and less bony individuals, and so their style of holding the violin has to be very different than mine. It was odd to see such a difference, because their chin rests are much lower, and also of the more "normal" style. It fits with their body type, but it apparently wont fit with mine, so thus is life, and I think I may come to like the idea, it fits with my ridiculous OCD habit of wanting symmetry.

As for the transgender things happening in my life, not much, I did get back in contact with a local who I had spoken with before. Got to meet his wife and children, who by the way are adorable, although their voices hurt. They hit that just perfect volume and frequency that causes my ears so much pain that it sometimes makes me lose my feet and fall to the floor. They are little darlings though, and just so adorable, they will have quite the life ahead of them those little girls, and will grow up in a very open-minded household which will be good for the future of our nation in my opinion.

And as for my Pagan happenings, I am slowly adding more additions to my Book of Shadows, and I am not kidding when I say slowly. I do have my whole life ahead of me though, so I am in no rush, my spirituality will always be there for me. I will one day have a more full BoS, grant you it will never be complete, because one is always learning in this thing we call life. And I do have to say that I do love to learn and constantly add to my life all those wonderful things. So I don't mind that the book will never be truly complete, but instead gain joy from the fact that it will ever get bigger across the journey through my life, as a Musician, as a Pagan, as a Woman.

I think that will become my theme...

Blessed Be

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