Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out at Work.....Kinda

So the grapevine effect has begun, meaning that I have let it get out at work that I am trans. What this means is that the few people I was able to tell today are pretty much going to let everyone else know via the grapevine effect, ifn ya know what I mean. This is good and bad, for the grapevine effect can often mess with the truth of a matter, but I need it to get out that I'm trans. If all that is understood is that I am getting a sex change than what I needed said is said.

I will be letting it out more and more over the next 2 weeks before I go full time, so we shall see how it goes. So far I have been met only with curiosity, which is a good sign, so I am happy about that.

So far so good.

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