Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meeting the Boss

I am meeting tomorrow with my general manager about my going full time at the end of the month, him and I will be discussing it. So far he seems to be pretty accepting, but then again that is just how he is, as long as his restaurant runs he is happy. He will be asking me questions and getting to understand just how my going full time will effect the restaurant. I have a feeling the meeting will go fairly well to be honest, but you never know. Once we have had this meeting the info about my going full time will trickle down the grapevine.

This is the part I'm not looking forward to, though its necessary. I will get a lot of weird and gross looks from coworkers, and I am not sure how my more religious (and I'm talking the type to take into creationist propaganda kind of religious) manager will deal with this. Thankfully I have the protection of the law, but I will be keeping all documents of proof of write ups and anything that affects me in my job.

Wish me luck everyone...

Blessed Be

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