Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Work Time Post Meeting

Well tomorrow I have work, and it'll be the first day since I had my meeting with my manager, so I'm going to have to let my Trans out at work. Looks like I'm coming out at work for real now, having to let all my coworkers know. It will be interesting to say the least, but I will likely get a lot of questions tossed my way, which should be a blast "UGH".

It has to happen though, its necessary, better to get it done now than when I'm full time and a mess happens. So here we go.

On another note I have a new ID which is nice, but they do it oddly here. They give you a temporary ID that you use until they mail you the new one. I guess they did this so that there is less ID fraud, and now they don't have the licence making machines inside the DMV. That went rather well though now that I have that done.

Blessed Be

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