Friday, June 18, 2010

It is nice to have a DND group again

Ever since Vinny passed away I have not been able to play much in the way of dungeons and dragons, until recently. Roleplaying and DnD are major staples in my life, games of this nature allow me to play in a fun world with close friends. It was something Vinny, Amber, and I did a lot of when he was alive. I missed it a lot, and I especially still miss his style, I have a lot of great memories role playing with him and his wife for star wars or DnD.

Well since Chris and the other two have moved here I have rebuilt my game group, and while their style of playing is each very different from either Vinny or Amber's, they are still fun. I am DMing the current game we are running, and it is a bunch of fun, I am running a changeling mage as my character that I am running while DMing. It is nice to bring this activity back into my life on a regular basis, for it is something I love to do and spend time on.

Its so nice to do this again

Blessed Be


  1. One day...I will actually get to try playing D&D.

    *le poke* So when are you and the boys coming back to your WoW group? All of you are very much missed.

  2. -shrugs- I dunno yet, miss your fav healer yet?