Thursday, June 17, 2010

Name Change

Well my name change petition was placed in the courthouse of my county as of Tuesday June 15, 2010. I am stuck waiting a month for it to be official, but the petition is in, so thats another step taken care of in my life. I am going back to the courthouse on July 19 to pick up the final paperwork that will allow me to go around and have my name legally changed at the security...etc.

It is a major step for me, and I am glad the petition is in, for while I have some minor worries that the petition may be denied, it does feel nice that it is in. I don't have to worry that I am getting it in too late, its in and thats something I do not have to worry about. To be completely honest I doubt that the petition will be denied, there is really no legal reason the judge would have to deny, unless its because I am trans in which case that would be discrimination which leads to many more FUN things -sarcasm-.

Either way, petition is in and thats that.

Also, I have made a choice to work on my drawing, something I have always wished I could do proficiently. I mean I can do basic things, but my actual skills for real life drawing are nil at best. And I do not wish to do Anime style drawing, I know many of those who can, and I want to make things that seem a little bit more real. I want to create a face, a hand, a body, create a facsimile of life and bring form and soul to it. Especially in the case of fantasy/scifi drawings, it would be nice to bring some realism to the pieces.

Incidentally I did call my electrolysis today and set up an appointment for Monday, so I will finally be getting back to getting rid of facial hair. It has been about a year since my last electrolysis appointment, and I really want this facial hair gone badly. It is something I hate, and shaving is just a pain in the butt and in the end grows back anyway. I want it gone, I want it gone fast, and just don't want to deal with it anymore.

Also, might be off my parent's health insurance until September due to asshole company and new law not taking effect until then. It seems because the law stating they have to keep me on until 27 wont come out until September, and I am 24 at the moment, they decided to drop me without a warning, not even bothering to tell my parents that they were dropping it until they already had.

Yeah, thanks assholes, thank you for the warning. Would have been nice to know it were happening so I could figure out my options BEFORE I lost the insurance. So now I am basically fucked for the moment on that front, I mean my father is going to talk to them, but to be honest I am not hopeful. I might be able to get on the Iowa state insurance for those months, but I am not even 100% sure of that. Although it is going to suck when I go full time, especially if my father has issues with my living as a woman, I might just get screwed on the insurance anyway.

But thats a little peak into my life as a Musician, as a Pagan, as a Woman.

Blessed Be.

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